Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The Ship And Her Sylph: First Draft Complete!

Hooray! Just completed the first draft of The Ship And Her Sylph, first book of the Flying Cloud Trilogy of ilvenworld novels.

It's come in at just under 70 thousand words, but with the reworking and second draft to come, I expect the final tally to be around 70-75 thousand. As any author will tell you, the real work of writing a book only begins once the first draft is complete.

This trilogy centres around the ship Flying Cloud in her earlier days, and her sylph Cloudy (proper name Melnea). This is another spin-off from the main series (Markan Empire Trilogy, with Markan Builders Trilogy to follow) and will be intermediate length novels of 70-80 thousand words apiece.

In other ilvenworld writing news, Gifted Apprentice and Gifted Hunter have been edited by the very able Stephanie Dagg (authors looking for an editor, Stephanie's website is right here). GH is getting its final proofread and when it's returned to me, the first two Sallis ti Ath novellas will be re-uploaded to the relevant retailers.

That's about all I've got to report folks!

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