Sunday, 1 September 2013

Gifted Avenger Published!

Gifted Avenger, third book of my series of novellas about Sallis ti Ath, has been published on Smashwords. Over the next few days, it should be made available via Smashwords to Barnes & Noble, Apple, Sony and Kobo.

It is available from Smashwords for *free* download here.

Gifted Avenger is the sequel to Gifted Apprentice and Gifted Hunter.

Cover Art: Joleene Naylor

A murdered family and Sallis ti Ath is determined to see justice done. Or is his motive nothing more than revenge?
Sallis is now well established in his adopted home of Marka and is looking forward to settling down in the city with his love.

Murder sets Sallis on a path of vengeance and he begins a chase to the furthest edges of Markan influence. On the way he is forced to challenge his own beliefs concerning justice and the Gift.

But the Malefic Sephiroth is waiting to move against one of the most celebrated and feared bounty-hunters Marka has ever seen. If they can turn Sallis against the Gift, they will gain a great weapon in their struggle against the ilvenworld itself.

Author: Nicholas A. Rose
Cover: Joleene Naylor
Editor: Stephanie Dagg

Free on Smashwords, Gifted Avenger

Kindlers: I've also uploaded to Amazon's Kindle Store, but as Amazon's business plan does not include giving things away, you the readers need to prod them. This book will be available by tonight - or should be! - and you can help by telling Amazon that you've found a cheaper price. Here's the URL to pass on to them:

UK readers with Kindles: A little more complicated for you I'm afraid. Best way is to wait until the book appears in the iBookstore, and use that link to prod Amazon UK. This will also work for other countries with its own iBookstore!


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