Wednesday, 3 July 2013

"The Ship And Her Sylph"

Have been making excellent progress on The Ship And Her Sylph over the past couple of days. Seven chapters are already down and even given an initial revision. As you've probably guessed, the working titles have changed:

The Ship And Her Sylph, explores the relationship between elemental, sylph and ship's crew first introduced in Markan Throne.

The Ship And Her Dolphin (formerly "White Dolphin") is the second volume of Flying Cloud's trilogy. This one I am already looking forward to writing with relish. It is the tale of how a struggling town manages to eclipse a large trading city, with the incidental help of Cloudy (who is tired of exorbitant landing and import duties) and a rescued dolphin.

The Ship And Her Harbor (previously "Silent Harbor"). A cartel of jealous ship owners and merchants forms to try to prevent Flying Cloud from using Cadister as her base port.

There you have it; the plotting details have emerged from the murky depths of my imagination. Of course, they will evolve and change as the books are written, but the bare bones are all present and correct!

My editor will begin work on Gifted Avenger on 15th July.