Thursday, 31 January 2013

Website "redo" Complete

I've finished tinkering with the website and the new version is now uploaded and live.  Unfortunately, my website software doesn't support .prc files, so all the sample files (and complete copies of the free Gifted Apprentice and Gifted Hunter) are only available in .pdf format.

The samples and sales pages for the three larger books (Markan Throne, Markan Empire and Markan Sword) includes links to pretty much everywhere it's available, including the various English-language iBookstores. Apologies to readers from South Africa, where Apple seems to (not yet) be supporting indie authors in that country's iStore.

The book links (to the right somewhere >>>) on this blog have been changed to take you directly to the samples and sales page on my website, but remember that the pages links above (^^^) have been updated for online reading.

I uploaded complete versions of the free novellas to my website because these aren't offered for free in every territory by Amazon, which is a pity. They're meant to be free!!

For those so inclined, you can visit my website here.


  1. Hi I have a question does sallis from your hunterbhunter books appear in your trilogy if he does not will you be writing more on him

    1. Hi Robert

      Yes, Sallis does play a role in the "Markan" trilogy and appears in all three books.

      And I have one more novella ("Gifted Avenger") concentrating on Sallis as the only main character.