Monday, 7 January 2013

Happy New Year & Writing Update

Happy New Year to all the readers of my blog! I hope all New Year resolutions are stuck to, for those of you who make them that is!

The eagle-eyed among you will have already noticed that neither my blog nor my website have been updated as promised over the festive period. This isn't down to laziness, but thanks to me being a little late in bringing Markan Sword out. The release via Smashwords to the various platforms (B&N, Apple, Sony, Kobo, etc) got snarled up in the holidays. Once all the platforms have published MS, then I'll update the sites.

And where is my writing going after Markan Sword?

There is the third volume of Sallis ti Ath's early adventures to come, entitled Gifted Avenger. Don't expect it in the very near future, as I'll be working with an editor, which will add time to the process from first draft to publication.  But GAv's release will complete this trilogy of free novellas.

Work has also started on the next trilogy in the main ilvenworld series.  The first book had been tentatively entitled Empire Builder, but that will change. The title will be used for the trilogy instead (Empire Builders, as there will be more than one) and another title will be used for the book. The main arc in this trilogy will be the expansion of the Markan Empire, by means both fair and foul. Most of the characters from the first trilogy will reprise their roles!

I'm also determined to bring out something about the sylph language this year. I know I've been kicking this one around for a couple of years now, but alas other projects have swallowed almost all my time. Fingers are crossed, with luck something will be out later in the year.

As always, I'll keep you posted as I have more to report!

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