Sunday, 9 December 2012

Writing Update

I'm sorry for the time since I last posted.  Have finally finished editing Markan Sword and given it a last read-through.  With luck, the cover art will be with me very soon now, and I can get it out there.  Don't forget there are sample chapters scattered throughout this blog, particularly in October and November.

Over the next two or three weeks, I'll be updating the book pages here (the tabs under the header), relaunching my Independent Author Network account with new sample chapters, and uploading the details for M. Sword onto my webpage.

After that, I'll be concentrating my attention on Gifted Avenger, third novella of my trilogy about Sallis ti Ath's early days.  There might be a slightly longer gap between Sword & Avenger because I now have an editor.  But once the first professional editing is done, the gaps between books should return to normal.

I hope to keep you posted about cover art and the release date for Markan Sword in the very near future!

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