Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Cover Art for Markan Sword

One of the best parts of writing for me is the run up to publication.  There are the revelations of the basic plotlines (tick), releasing sample chapters from the first draft (tick) and then the second (tick).  Finally, there is the cover reveal.

So, after a hard but enjoyable year of solid writing graft, for the final volume of the Markan Empire trilogy, here is the cover for Markan Sword:

As with my other books, the cover artist is Joleene NaylorMarkan Sword should appear on Kindle and Smashwords in the very near future (as in tomorrow or the day after), and will be filtering through to Smashwords' retail partners over the next few days.

There might not be many - or any - posts between now and the holiday, so may I wish all my fellow bloggers, readers and followers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

(Like many other people, I have a few days off over the festive period.  I'll be spending much of this time updating both this blog and my website, ilvenworld.com  As always, I'll be posting to let you know as this happens!)

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