Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Blurb for Markan Sword

Publication for Markan Sword draws ever nearer.  Here's the blurb for the third book of the Markan Empire trilogy:

The throne is finally in Marcus Vintner's grasp, but enemies unite to keep him from his lifelong ambition.

Verdin and Balnus are in Turivkan, where boys a certain age disappear and resentment against the prefect's rule builds towards revolution.  Verdin must gain the rebels' friendship and alliance to further his own ambitions...

Belaika, a sylph scout haunted by Haema's death, is in Eldova with General Kelanus.  Surrounded by enemy soldiers, Kelanus is determined to prove Hingast a fraud.  But does hate prevent the general from using his better judgment?

Increasingly desperate to hand the throne to its rightful occupant, Zenepha soon learns that Marka's Senate is still unwilling to accept Marcus Vintner as their emperor.  And an old enemy Marcus believed defeated has again confidently asserted his claim to the throne...

An Ilvenworld novel of 160 thousand words, Markan Sword concludes the Markan Empire trilogy.

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