Thursday, 17 May 2012

Zenepha & Olista Allert - Markan Sword Characters

Markan Sword is the third book of the Markan Empire Trilogy.  The centrepiece of the trilogy is winning the Markan Throne, vacant for more than two hundred years, and the events surrounding the various claimants as they vie for the ultimate prize.

When Marcus Vintner's claim was suspended, the Supreme Council feared the throne might again fall into abeyance, so the Supreme Councillor (see OLISTA, below) manumitted his sylph and tricked Marka's Senate into making him emperor, albeit a caretaker.  Initial fears that this action would make Marka a laughing stock of the entire continent faded, once the sylph proved to be a much better ruler than expected.

Zenepha (great balance, egalitarian) is the sylph manumitted and thrust onto the throne, no matter how reluctantly on the sylph's part.  Zenepha's first problem was the siege of Marka, which he handled superbly, winning the trust and admiration of people and army.  Married to Selkina, the marriage has proved childless and his wife plays no part in official business.

To supporters of Marcus Vintner, Zenepha is seen as preserving the throne until Marcus can take his rightful place.  But to Marcus's many political enemies, Zenepha is a useful tool to keep the man off the throne.

But Zenepha wishes to slip back into obscurity, having learned that power is a heavy responsibility, perhaps too heavy for any sylph to handle...

Olista Dovna Allert is a plutocrat born into wealth and privilege.  He has given his life to Marka's service, first commissioned into the City Guard aged seventeen and entering the Senate eight years later.  His rise was meteoric: joining the Supreme Council before the age of forty and elected Supreme Councillor (effective ruler of Marka until the throne was again recognised) aged fifty-four.  He is the youngest man to hold the post for centuries.

Olista and his wives are keen supporters of Marcus Vintner's claim, yet must ensure Zenepha never slips up, in case another claimant manages to gain advantage.

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