Sunday, 22 April 2012

Saturday's Walk: Stwlan Dam

A quick, short walk today.  Llyn Stwlan is a reservoir tucked into the Moelwyn hills, its dam visible for miles around.  The access road grants easy walking, though the dam itself is not accessible to walkers.  Pictures below:

 Path leading into Cwm Orthin - another walk another day!

Looking ahead to Moelwyn Bach.  Sadly, the blue skies did not last.

 View from the access road.  Dinorwic power station and Tanygrisiau Reservoir in the foreground, the decommissioned Trawsfynydd nuclear power plant and Llyn Trawsfynydd at centre of picture.

Waterfall along the way.  Not a lot of water, even here rainfall has been below average.

First view of Stwlan dam.

Llyn Stwlan, tucked discreetly out of sight - unlike the dam which can be seen from miles around!

The nearest I'm going to get to the dam.

View over Tanygrisiau and Blaenau Ffestiniog.  This small town and its environs are not in the National Park; when Snowdonia was established in 1951, the slate quarries were still in full operation.  For the most part, only the spoil heaps remain today.

Just a quick walk, making the most of a break in the weather.  The rain returned just as I arrived back at the car, so I should think myself lucky!

Until the next walk, be well all.

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