Sunday, 1 April 2012

Markan Sword - Plotlines

As you all (hopefully) know, I'm slogging my way through the first draft of "Markan Sword", third and final book of the "Markan Empire" trilogy.  I'm more or less at the halfway stage now and think it's safe to start blogging about the book!

"Markan Sword" ties off the main storylines that have run through the series.  The book has ended up with four plotlines, which are location based:

Turivkan.  When the Shadow Riders passed through this city (Markan Empire), we learned that Dervra has made it his powerbase.  The census ordered in Markan Empire is now in full swing, and boys of a certain age disappear, never to be seen again.  This is causing considerable friction, that Verdin Vintner and Balnus are determined to exploit for Marka's advantage.  Neptarik is tasked with finding one of the old Prefect's sons, so he can be used to foment rebellion.  But Neptarik returns with the wrong boy...

Eldova.  Hingast has returned home, but abandoned his more courageous troops.  Kelanus, who has come to Eldova with the captives Marshal Janost and General Mirrin, is determined to prove that Hingast is a fraud.  Janost has reserved his judgement and Mirrin wants to see Hingast's (genuine) son take the throne in Eldova.  But these men returning home are not welcome.

Sandester.  Nazvasta Vintner, younger brother of the late Branad Vintner, is being encouraged to raise the Dragon's Head Banner and stake his claim to the Markan Throne.  Nazvasta wants the throne, but is unprepared to make a move in rebellion as long as Zenepha the sylph remains Emperor.  Should he claim and if so, when?

Marka.  The Sandesterans have been recalled and Zenepha is full of self-doubt.  Despite the continued support of Marka's senate, Zenepha really wants to surrender the throne to Marcus Vintner.  But an assassin has been employed to murder Marcus and his family. Will he survive to take the throne he won in battle?

The target of summer's end for releasing this book may be optimistic, but I'm writing it as fast as I can!  Sometimes the chapters trip out quickly, but some are harder work than others.  I'll be keeping you posted with more as and when I can.

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