Monday, 9 April 2012

Daily Postcard 4 - Cleared Villages on Skye

Spent a pleasant, if "soft" day on the Isle of Skye.  Today's walk visited the cleared villages of Suisnish and Boreraig.  Both villages were forcibly cleared in 1852/53 and, despite a short attempt at repopulating Suisnish in the 20th century, both places remain a sad reminder of more turbulent times.

I do apologise if the pictures appear a little pixelated here and there; I had to shrink the resolution to get the pictures to upload at all!  Higher resolution pictures are posted on my other blog: Nick's Wicked Walks

 The ruined church at Kilchrist.
 View of the so-called Red Cuillins.

A distant Bla Bheinn.

Camas Malag and Loch Slapin.

Looking inland, with my route visible to the right.

My descent path to the beach.  Well, looking back up it anyway!

One of the two waterfalls - neither are named on the OS maps.

Standing stone at Boreraig, looking out over Loch Eishort.
Looking out to sea on my climb out from Boreraig.

This was the longest walk so far on this holiday.  For most of the round, the rain stayed light, if persistent.  But, as the locals would say, no rain = no whisky!

Until the next walk, be well all.

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