Saturday, 7 April 2012

Daily Postcard 3 - A Walk To See An Aristocrat

Today's walk took me to Golspie, home of the Dukes of Sutherland (well, one at a time usually).  My walk took my onto Ben Bhraggie, which proved to be quite camera-unfriendly, where a statue to the first duke stands.  Misty on top, but I certainly enjoyed the walk!

Pictures below:

Falls on Big Burn

First glimpse of the duke's statue on my ascent.

Zoomed in on the duke.  The dedication on the statue reads "Raised by his tenants and friends."  Since this man instigated the infamous Highland Clearances, I doubt if there were many tenants left, and they definitely would not have counted among his friends!  By the time I got up there, the cloud had come down.

View of Golspie, as I dropped out of cloud.  The turrets of Dunrobin Castle can be seen peeping above the trees.

I love some of the architecture used by the railway builders.  A simple yet beautiful arch.

A peaceful spot beside Big Burn on my return to the car.

For higher resolution pictures, visit my other blog, Nick's Wicked Walks

Until tomorrow's walk, be well all.

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