Saturday, 11 February 2012

A Walk Around Llyn Dinas

Today's very short walk around Llyn Dinas was intended to keep me busy until the promised break in the cloud.  By one o'clock this afternoon, I gave up waiting for it and went to the pub :-)

A chilly start to the morning, though perhaps I should have just done a longer walk instead, but I did enoy the short round of this glacial lake.

Pictures below:

 A view of the falls on Afon Goch, nicely framed by a trio of handy trees.

Llyn Dinas in a reflective mood.

And still looking moody a little further on.  The higher peaks are all hidden in the cloud.

Looking down on Llyn Dinas from the only rise on the path.  Better than nothing I suppose!  What appears to be ripples on the lake surface are in fact patches of ice.

Not so much to offer this week, but hopefully there'll be the chance of a better walk next week.

Until then, be well all.

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