Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Circular Walk from Conwy, via Sychnant Pass

I promised to return to Sychnant, and here it is.  A blustery but generally fine day.  Strong winds continue to keep the higher tops beyond my reach (I'm the world's biggest wimp when strong winds are blowing across ridges), so this neat six-miler filled a morning nicely.  And a good mug of coffee in Conwy after!

Pictures below:

 Conwy from the ridge of Conwy Mountain.  All three bridges crossing the river can be made out here: Telford's fine suspension bridge in the middle; Stephenson's tubular railway bridge on the far side, and the modern concrete bridge nearest to us.

Looking ahead to the summit.  Though not high, Conwy mountain certainly has an airy feel - even without the wind trying to blow me over.

 Deganwy on the far side of the river, with Little Orme in the distance (just left of centre).

Great Orme, taken from near the summit.  The Grand Hotel in Llandudno can just be seen where the Orme drops to sea level.

Inland from Conwy Mountain.  The Sychnant Pass is hidden by the trees in the middle distance, while the Carneddau range marches away into the far distance.

Sychnant Pass, with Penmaenmawr in the distance.  The land on the horizon is Anglesey.

Looking up at Alltwen.  Though none of the hills here are especially high, I'll be returning to take more of them in.  I didn't do this one today - the wind helped dissuade me!!

 A retrospective of Conwy Mountain.  And despite a break in the weather, the wind chill is still there to remind me it's winter.

Gwern Engan, something of an oversize puddle, but the wind is strong enough to make waves.  This is a popular spot in spring and summer.

My return route brought me to Conwy itself and a welcome mug of coffee.  Conwy is one of the finest examples of a mediaeval town to be found, certainly in Britain.  This is Porth Uchaf, or the Upper Gate.  While waiting to take this photo, there was an interesting meeting of cars travelling in opposite directions.  Those coming out of the town have right of way.

Conwy Castle, taken from the walls.

More information about Conwy can be found here.

Until the next walk, be well all.


  1. Those photos of Conwy brought back some happy memories of my trip there in the eighties. Thanks!

  2. It's a nice corner of Wales - the walking's pretty good too!