Saturday, 26 November 2011

From Penmaenpool

Today's walk was a short low one, mostly thanks to the pretty dire weather forecast.  Despite that, I managed to avoid the worst of the rain and explored a path I'd never taken before.  Will certainly be back for further exploration soon!

Pictures below:

 Penmaenpool Bridge.  Tide is higher than usual partly because the strong wind is behind it.

Another shot of Penmaenpool Bridge, this time looking upstream.

Looking downriver towards Barmouth.  Hard to believe this river estuary is mostly mud!

A clearer shot looking downriver to Barmouth.

Yes, a very high tide.  So high that my path inland is swamped!  I could take my boots and socks off for a wade, but it is November...

What the path should be like (picture taken on my return when the tide had ebbed somewhat).

...and the swamped path from the other side.  No, I didn't paddle, but took the other path that leads around.  I know, cheater!!

 And how the path should be. Took this one on the way back.

Some very bored-looking horses.  Perhaps these miss the riders they get through the summer months.

Foliage hanging from the bridge leading to Abergwynant Farm.

Part of the Cadair Idris range - pretty much the only part not in cloud.

Looking east shortly before I began my return.

A short, but very relaxing walk, despite walking against the wind most of the way.  Until the next walk, be well all.

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