Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Dee Estuary Walk

This is something a little different for me - an urban walk.  This walk is along the Dee Estuary from Flint Dock to Flint Castle.  This is the industrialised side of the river.  Although the walk is pleasant enough, with views across the estuary to the Wirral, the sights and sounds of commerce are never far away.  Here are the pictures:

Above and below: two shots looking from Flint Dock towards the estuary.  Until silting put an end to it, lead, timber and soap were exported from here.

Looking across the estuary to the Wirral.  When the tide is out, this is a vast expanse of mud and sand.

Zoomed in on Parkgate, once a ferryport.  Now the water only reaches Parkgate twice a year.

 Looking upriver to the Deeside Industrial Estate.  Flint Bridge in the centre.

Flint Castle with the RNLI station in the background.  The Lifeboat often rescues stranded walkers, caught out by the Dee's creeping tide.

Another view of the Wirral.

Flint Castle is allegedly the "most vandalised monument" in Wales.  I don't know quite how that squares up to Oliver Cromwell's act of destruction!

Another view of the castle.

A fisherman's boat waiting for action.

This was a far more pleasing walk than I expected, despite being surrounded by industry and a town.

Until the next walk, be well all.


  1. The beams in my living room came from the wreck of a boat at Flint Dock. Have never been there and have never seen Flint Castle!

  2. Not a lot to see at Flint Dock as everything's pretty much silted up now. But the castle is still impressive.