Sunday, 24 April 2011

Daily Postcard from the Scottish Highlands #3; Sunday

As the weather forecast was not too promising, headed east for a walk in the Culbin Forest.  Photos from the walk are below:

Culbin Forest is a popular place, but twenty minutes from the car park and I'm all alone :-)

They cleared the sand away from the stump to show how the tree gets thinner the further into the "ground" it is.

Estuary of the River Findhorn.

Boat with unusual outriggers.  I'm pretty certain that one wasn't designed to be a trimaran!

This hut is new.  I think it's intended for seal-watching.  The seals were conspicuous by their absence today; no doubt grabbing a fish dinner!

Robinson Crusoe moment!  Mine are the only footprints on this part of Culbin Sands.

These sand dunes always remind me of "The Hill" a film starring Sean Connery about a sadistic sergeant.  As I have to walk over them, one sympathises!

Tomorrow, I am definitely, definitely going high.  The forecast isn't brilliant, so apologies if there are no picures tomorrow.

Until then, be well all.

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